Popular Website Add-Ons.

Some of our more common website add-ons include:

Sometimes you just need a little something extra for your website, and that’s where our popular website add-ons come in.

These add-ons are designed to provide additional functionality and features to your website, allowing you to optimise its performance for your business as well as improve the user experience.

Add Booking and Appointment Tools to Your Website.

PerthWeb produce websites that reflect the way it does business: professional, fast, simple to use, and producing results.

PerthWeb does NOT believe in making a client fit a particular box or solution, we make sure the box fits our client. We believe in the ethical conduct of business, and seek out clients with similar values.

Want to Build a Membership or Subscription Website?

If you want to charge a monthly fee to view content or add products to a reoccurring subscription, then you need a membership or subscription-based plugin.

These plug-in add-ons manage memberships/subscriptions, restrict access to certain content, and handle recurring payments.

Looking to Create an Online Directories?

Whether you are looking to establish a directory for local businesses, curate industry-specific listings, or showcase a collection of hobby-related content, we have the knowledge to develop an online directory that will help you get found.

Add an Online Forums to Your Website?

Forums are a fantastic way to foster an engaged community and encourage discussions on your website.

With this add-on, you can create a platform for users to interact, share ideas, and ask questions related to your website’s niche or topic.

Want to facilitate Affiliate Marketing for your Products?

If you want to monetise your website through affiliate partnerships, this software is crucial. It helps you track affiliate sales, manage affiliate relationships, and generate reports to optimize your marketing efforts.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

This add-on is designed to help you effectively manage your customer relationships.

It provides tools for organizing customer data, tracking interactions, and automating various aspects of your sales and marketing processes.

These website add-ons are just a selection of what we offer. Each one serves a specific purpose, allowing you to customise and enhance your website’s functionality to better meet your goals. By incorporating these add-ons, you can improve user engagement, boost conversions, and ultimately create a more successful online presence.

Of course, you aren’t just limited by the third-party solutions that are available, solutions can also be custom coded as well.

Here's what our clients have to say.


James Hogan
James Hogan
28. June, 2022.
Was a great company to work with and were easy to bounce ideas back and forth with to ensure not only that we got the final product we wanted, but one that was functional and effective.
Shannon Laidler
Shannon Laidler
15. June, 2022.
The team really understood our brief and our website is exactly what we were looking for. The team were great to work with, really friendly and professional. Excellent experience and absolute value for money. Thanks guys!
Motown Auto
Motown Auto
2. June, 2022.
PerthWeb designed and built our new website and we are extremely happy with it. They nailed the brief and the team's professionalism and ongoing support have been second to none. Highly recommend PerthWeb.
Michelle Coleski
Michelle Coleski
15. April, 2022.
We were very happy with the work PerthWeb designed for Swan Valley Early Learning. Thank you !
Hans Boehm (german4john)
Hans Boehm (german4john)
18. October, 2020.
Always helpful and service to notch
Kate Reilly
Kate Reilly
11. August, 2020.
I really enjoyed working with Clare to produce a website we can be proud of. Clare listened carefully to what we were trying to portray and totally delivered. We love the result and couldn't be happier. Kate Reilly, Dunsborough Turf Management
Greg Stacey
Greg Stacey
14. January, 2020.
Clare Byrne was sensational in helping set up and launch my business webpage. She was very patient given my information technology knowledge was pretty limited. The end product was just what I wanted and its level of professionalism is outstanding. Cannot recommend PerthWeb enough and thank you Clare!
Shelley Rose
Shelley Rose
20. September, 2019.
I have dealt with Matt Price at Perth Web for over 20 years when he first did my webpage for my Bed & Breakfast.Great to see him still doing what he does best.
Sowol Cheong (Myofix)
Sowol Cheong (Myofix)
16. February, 2018.
organised my website simply,has given my business a head start without the fuss I experienced with another web designer which ended up being a headache so perth web came to the rescue

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